Connect America Telehealth
Reporting and Integration Technology

Our technologies promote increased communication between patients and clinicians, allowing for more effective treatment of diabetes and other chronic diseases. Their interactive nature also helps people "take ownership" of their health management, leading to improved lifestyle choices and better outcomes.

Program Features
Key Program features offer seamless data integration:
— Seamless data exchange with over 100 devices, apps and HIT systems
— Lifestyle and medical device integration
— App integration
— HER and clinical info integration
— Web services APIs
— JSON and FHIR HL7 formats
— OAuth security compliant
— HIPAA compliant

Program Benefits
Key Program Benefits increase your effectiveness:
— Monitor patient vital signs on a daily basis from remote locations
— Reduce unnecessary home visits
— Reduce hospital admissions and ER visits significantly
— Create more efficient utilization of staff, optimizing agency effectiveness
— Assist in patient retention, resulting in increased census
— Improve patient outcomes and compliance

Program Differentiators
Key Program differentiators increase your efficiency:
— Bluetooth to cellular connectivity eliminates need for landline phone in patient’s home
— Real-time data transmission allows for early patient interventions
— Cloud-based data gives remote access to patient data, saving valuable clinician time
— Simple in-home set-up requires no technician or nurse installer, saving time and money

Please contact us for more information about our products and services for advanced Telehealth services.

Our Core Focus

30-day Readmissions

Post-discharge Care

Disease Management

Wellness Management

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