Wireless connectivity makes
using our systems easy —

Helping you provide good outcomes
and good health management.

Easy to use, easy to access
Daily reporting via wireless technology takes just minutes – and makes real-time data available quickly to providers, clients and caregivers. Using Bluetooth technology or your mobile device, test results are transmitted immediately – enabling better communication between users and providers to more effectively treat chronic conditions and improve daily health.

Telehealth technology improves communication and care
— Secure, private, online portal to review and evaluate test results
— Automated online system for alerts, testing and medication reminders
— Online treatment and lifestyle resources
— Improved patient outcomes and compliance

Product technology makes it easy for users
— Simple in-home installation
— Easy-to-use 2Net Gateway Interface, plugs into any home power outlet
— Online access available for loved ones, making them part of the care spectrum
— Wireless connectivity allows monitoring on smart phone or PC

Here’s how the system works

Easy to use — easy to access information
The 2Net Platform Gateway provides a seamless interface for transmitting medical device data to integrated portals or databases. It enables end-to-end wireless connectivity, allowing medical device users and their physicians or caregivers to easily access biometric data. Plug 2Net into any home power outlet or hook up a smartphone and you’re good to go! Current available devices include the MyGlucoHealth® Wireless Meter, plus wireless weight scale, blood pressure monitor and pulse oximeter. Test results and biometric data can be viewed using discrete portals on a PC or the MyHealthPoint mobile app.

Connect America Telehealth solutions help care teams manage chronic conditions more effectively and give clients and their loved ones more empowering options for in-home care situations:
— Providing reliable and cost-effective surveillance and self-monitoring
— Increasing provider reach while driving patient engagement
— Improving medication adherence and treatment plan compliance

Please contact us for more information about our products and services for advanced Telehealth services.

Our Core Focus

30-day Readmissions

Post-discharge Care

Disease Management

Wellness Management

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