Connect America Telehealth
Offering scalable, cloud-based remote patient monitoring, health data exchange and wellness solutions across the care continuum.

Delivering Pro-active Health Management Solutions
Connect America Telehealth provides integrated healthcare technologies that serve to improve communication between patients, clinicians and caregivers. Connect America Telehealth is committed to enhancing individual care in the treatment of chronic diseases and wellness management, while at the same time, reducing the financial burden on patients and health care providers. Connecting physicians and patients through wireless bluetooth technology, Connect America Telehealth offers providers a new spectrum of caregiving excellence.

Telehealth Technology Increases Effectiveness:
— Monitor patient vital signs on a daily basis from remote locations
— Reduce unnecessary home visits
— Reduce hospital admissions and ER visits significantly
— Create more efficient utilization of staff, optimizing agency effectiveness
— Assist in patient retention, resulting in increased census
— Improve patient outcomes and compliance

Telehealth Technology Increases Efficiency:
— Bluetooth to cellular connectivity
— Simple in-home set-up
— Secure, HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based platform
— Patient and caregiver portals
— Clinical dashboards
— Mobile apps
— Care coordination, data integration, reminders

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Our Core Focus

30-day Readmissions

Post-discharge Care

Disease Management

Wellness Management

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