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Medication management solutions keep clients safely on track with their medications.

TabSafe Medication Management System
Designed to ensure safety and compliance, the TabSafe System securely stores medications and dispenses on a set time schedule. It even manages "as needed" medication. TabSafe offers these benefits and more:
— Medications can be filled by subscriber, loved ones, pharmacies, or healthcare providers
— Visual and auditory reminders for medication adherence with verification
— Sends follow-up calls to prevent non-adherence
— Provides reminders for daily activities and medications not stored in the TabSafe unit

How it works
The TabSafe dispensing system is PIN protected, releases medications one dose at a time, and provides documentation of each release. Medications are loaded in tamperproof cartridges and stored in a locked medicine cabinet. TabSafe tracks when a medication is released and at what dosage, limits access until the next dose time, and provides remote verification of release times and inventory.

The system delivers automated reminders for scheduled medications as well as the appropriate use of "as needed" dosing.

Medication data is stored on a secure server offering access from any web browser and ensuring connectivity between clients, providers and loved ones. Scheduling information for all medications and messages are entered and downloaded to the TabSafe system using a phone line. Providers, caregivers and family members can be given access and a log-in to view web-accessible reports.

MedReady Automated Medication Dispenser
The MedReady Medication Dispenser is as easy to use as a digital alarm clock. All medications are under lock and key, not just a latch. A large LED display on top of the unit shows the time and also aids in setting medication time alarms. Pill compartments are designed to fit adult fingers and are specially shaped for easy removal of medication. Compartment divisions keep medications in place, even if the unit is turned upside-down. The audible alarm can be set up to four (4) times a day.

How it works
— The programmable "Time for Medicineā€ alarm beeps until the medication door opens and the "off" position is activated. It sounds similar to a microwave alert.
— In the event of a missed dose, caregivers are notified.
— Only the most recent medication dose is available. The Pill tray rotates to the next dose when the next audible alarm sounds. If a patient misses a dose, the pill dispenser denies access to the missed dose.

MedReady holds 28 doses of dry medication such as pills or capsules as follows:
— 4 Doses a day for 7 days
— 3 Doses a day for 9 days
— 2 Doses a day for 14 days
— 1 Dose a day for 28 days
— "Early dosage" feature allows taking dosage with client

MedReady should remain plugged into electric power, although there is a 48 hour rechargeable battery back-up for travel or power failures. The unit should not be used in wet or very damp environments.

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