Connect America Telehealth
Dashboards, Portals and Mobile Apps

Our wireless platform transmits medical device data to a variety of integrated portals, including mobile apps, enabling users and their physicians or caregivers to easily access biometric data, communicate with each other and review valuable lifestyle and medical information.

Patient Portals
The Patient Portal welcomes users and offers access to patient services and care options, information for providers, patients and loved ones.

Clinical Dashboards
Clinical Dashboards let patients, caregivers and providers interact together, promoting better health management and better care outcomes.

— Detailed Patient Monitoring Provides detailed monitoring of all patients under care.

— Electronic Communications Options Both text messaging and secure Email are sent directly from the dashboard and accommodate multiple languages.

— Multiple Patient Alerts Individual patient threshold settings can be customized to monitor ongoing care.

Android Mobile App and Portal
The MyHealthPoint mobile app and portal for Android phones lets users access online services or transmit critical data at home or away, and has options for additional biometric data collection including:

— Glucose
— Weight
— Blood pressure
— Pulse Oximeter
— Medication adherence
— Exercise/activity monitoring
— Nutrition monitoring
— Lipids
— HbA1c

Please contact us for more information about our products and services for advanced Telehealth services.

Our Core Focus

30-day Readmissions

Post-discharge Care

Disease Management

Wellness Management

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