Welcome to Connect America Medical Alert
We deliver proven solutions for medical alert monitoring, medication
management, fall detection, telehealth monitoring and more.

A Complete Range of Solutions
Connect America Medical Alert provides proven technology solutions that support independent living for hundreds of thousands of subscribers throughout the United States. Subscribers can choose our standard PERS system, our Cellular system that needs no landline or a Mobile/GPS-based system that protects them at home or on the go. The Fall Detector Pendant can be added to a Cellular or Mobile system for extra protection. We also provide remote patient monitoring, health data exchange and medication management though our cloud-based telehealth service.

A Dedicated Response Center Team
Our highly-trained operators handle calls quickly and efficiently to send subscribers the help they need. Whether it's dealing with a serious emergency, alerting a Personal Responder for assistance, or even having a friendly chat — our operators are there 24/7 every day. Our redundant Response Center receives daily back-up of all data in real time, simultaneously with the primary Response Center.

Discover Innovative Connect America Telehealth
Learn about our cloud-based telehealth solutions for remote patient monitoring and wellness programs here.

How Medical Alert Works
Push your button for help.
Our operator answers
your call.

Help arrives (loved ones, ambulance, fire or police).

Did You Know? . . .

One out of three Americans age 65 and older fall at least once a year.

Chances of surviving a fall are
six times greater if you receive assistance within the hour.

The danger of permanent disability rises dramatically each minute a stroke victim is left unattended.

Over 20% of the 1.6 million Americans who suffer heart attacks every year die because help didn’t arrive on time.

Traditional PERS System Standard PERS System
protects at home
Versatile Mobile System Cellular Alert System
protects at home,
no landline needed
Versatile Mobile System MobileAlert System
protects at home or away
the fall dectector pendant
The Fall Detector Pendant detects a
serious fall and sends an alert

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